Our Teaching Professionals

The McCleery Golf Academy team of PGA of Canada Teaching and Playing Professionals is led by Director of Instruction, Mike Vanderwolf. Mike has been named PGA of BC Teacher of the Year and has helped many of Vancouver's top Professional golfers. His team consists of talented and experienced teachers including:

  • Dan Axford - Fluent in German and knows basic Mandarin
  • Jim Han - Can teach in English, Korean, and Mandarine
  • Tom Flockhart - Winner of multiple junior and professional tournaments
  • Gordon Jarvis - Has a passion for helping people improve their game
  • Sandra Comadina - Provincial and National title winner

Our team of highly skilled and experience PGA of Canada Teaching and Playing Professionals are here to provide you with many options for a lesson program that is exciting for you. Whether you are a beginner or a budding tour player our goal is to lead you to play the great game of golf with enjoyment and satisfaction.

Mike Vanderwolf - Director of Instruction

Mike is a recognized leader among teaching professionals in Canada. In 2000 he was named PGA of British Columbia Teacher of the Year and currently serves the PGA of Canada as a National Facilitator and Evaluator of its Teaching and Coaching Certification Program. Through such service Mike counsels, trains and provides feedback to hundreds of Golf Professionals annually. Mike has helped many of the area’s top professional golfers over the years. Read More...

Dan Axford - Teaching Professional

On a farm in St. Thomas, Ontario, Dan Axford’s grandfather gave his five year old grandson a broomstick attached to a two by four - Dan’s first golf club. With this makeshift club, Dan fell in love with the game of golf. Read More...

Sandra Comadina - Teaching Professional

Sandra has been a member of the Canadian PGA since 1995, completing her “Class A” status from the Whistler Golf Course in 1999. She then moved to Vancouver and McCleery Golf Course to focus her time on teaching and playing. Read More...

Jim Han - Teaching Professional

Jim was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to Vancouver when he was 11 years old. Following a suggestion from his father, it wasn't long after he first picked up a club that Jim discovered the allure of the great game of golf. Read More...

Tom Flockhart - Teaching Professional

Tom was 8 years old when he first stepped foot on a golf course. On the third hole he was stung by a bee and was traumatized! He didn’t try golf again until he was 12 years of age. That was when he got hooked on the game. Read More...

Gordon Jarvis - Teaching Professional

Since 2009, Gordon has spent time learning how to help people get better at golf. He has invested time and money learning from many prominent instructors, players and trainers throughout the golf world and enjoys sharing the strategies, mindset, and theory that can help you best. Read More...

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